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If you transfer to/from another institution, the financial aid you were awarded at your other school or, at Thomas University does not automatically transfer to the new institution. Your financial aid application will have to be received and evaluated at the new school. There are a number of steps to take to ensure that your financial aid is processed in a timely manner at the new institution. 

First contact the financial aid office and cancel your financial aid at your old school. This request can take several weeks to process. After your financial aid is canceled at your old school, be sure to obtain a copy of your updated award letter from the financial aid office to present to your new school as proof that you do not have any pending financial aid elsewhere (you can only receive financial aid from one school at a time).

Once your financial aid is canceled at your old school, add your new institution’s school code to your FAFSA. (TU School Code 00155500) This will allow your new school to receive and review your FAFSA and determine your financial aid eligibility. Once your FAFSA is updated, follow up with your new school to ensure that your financial aid is being processed and you do not have any additional requirements.

Financial aid that you received at your prior school will be deducted from your annual and aggregate eligibility and may affect your eligibility at your new school.

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