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Thomas University Quality Enhancement plan



Mission:  To enhance our students’ understanding and appreciation of different cultures through education, activities, and conversation.  This is summarized as “intercultural learning,” that is, the ability to understand and interact with others with diverse cultural perspectives, and broaden our definition of who is part of “my” community. 

Key Areas for Understanding the QEP

  1. Rationale
  2. Capacity
  3. Components 
  4. Outcomes 
  5. Evaluation 
  6. Consequences

Rationale:  To strengthen one of our General Educational Outcomes:  TO FOSTER COMMUNITY

Capacity:  To do this we will utilize our curriculum in every major; utilize the diversity of our faculty, staff, and students; utilize the diverse cultures represented in our regional community and ideas and information of diverse guest presenters. 

Components:  We will add global and intercultural components within our curriculum in every major. We will expand local, national, and international study experiences and foreign language learning opportunities, provide an Intercultural Communication course and informal language-learning conversation groups and global issues discussion groups for students and community members led by faculty, international students, and/or community members that will meet throughout the academic year.  We will host public presentations and forums. 

Outcomes:  By doing this we will:

  • Strengthen our understanding and acceptance of cultural similarities and differences
  • Increase our skill and comfort level with interacting with others from different cultures.
  • Enhance our personal experience of being connected to our global community.

Evaluation:  We will measure our results by assessing:

  • Have we provided opportunities for exploration of cultural issues?
  • Have students, faculty, and the community participated in these opportunities?
  • As a result, has this increased the cultural awareness and sensitivity of those participating? (Via the Global Perspective Inventory)


Thomas University will be a place where cultural differences are shared, discussed, and explored as we develop our connection to diverse people and communities.  The QEP will reinforce TU’s emphasis on diversity as a learning tool and will strengthen our students’ ability to succeed and lead in a rapidly changing and complex world.

Education that Engages... Empowers... TRANSFORMS

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