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Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Studies

About/Program Overview

The Thomas University undergraduate Rehabilitation Studies degree prepares students to provide rehabilitation services in public and private agencies to persons with various disabilities. This undergraduate degree in Rehabilitation Studies is fully online, and will also prepare students to attain Advanced Standing status in the TU Clinical Rehabilitation & Mental Health Counseling Master’s program.  

Options for a Concentration of Study: 

  • Addictions – This concentration prepares graduates to work with people who are struggling with alcohol and drug abuse. Students completing this concentration can take the state examination for an Associate Licensed Substance Abuse Counselor after graduation.
  • Gerontology – This concentration prepares graduates to work in agencies that have focus on people who are in their older adult years. It is estimated that by 2025, one fourth of the population in the U.S. and Canada will be over 65 years old. Graduates will understand the issues related to the changing roles and responsibilities of older adults and have increased skills to work with the elderly population. Students will be able to earn a certificate in Gerontology.
  • Criminal justice – This concentration will provide graduates with skills in both rehabilitation and criminal justice and they will be able to pursue jobs as probation officers, in security, as guardian ad litems, and with social services agencies.


IMPORTANT MESSAGE FOR OUT-OF-STATE APPLICANTS: Every state government regulates whether universities located in other states can enroll students in online programs.  This process is called “state authorization.”  Some states do not allow their students to enroll students in online programs at outside universities at all; other states charge the outside universities high fees to enroll even one student from that state.  For this reason, Thomas University may not be able to enroll students from outside Georgia in every online program we offer.  We accept students from as many states as possible. 

Please contact Admissions at or 800.538.9784 ext 1114 to find out if your state is authorized for Thomas University. 

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