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Marine corps education at thomas university


You have a mission to help others, let Thomas University help you accomplish your education goals.  Thomas University offers portable degree programs that allow you to continue working towards your degree, regardless of where you are located.

Marine Corps Tuition Assistance Process

Marine Tuition Assistance (TA) is available for all active duty Marines. Each member receives $4500.00 per fiscal year (1 Oct-30 Sep). There is a cap of $250 per semester hour, $166.67 per quarter hour, and $16.67 per clock hour. Tuition assistance is also available to Reservists on continuous active duty, enlisted Reservists ordered to active duty 120 days, and to Reservist Officers ordered to active duty for two years or more.

All first-time Tuition Assistance Applicants are required to complete the online Higher Education Preparation (HEP) course prior to approval for tuition assistance.


Accelerate your degree: CREDIT BY EXAMINATION

To reduce the length of time and cost to complete a program of study, students may receive up to 30 combined hours of credit for approved courses towards a Bachelor’s degree or 15 hours towards an Associate of Arts degree through any of the following: CSC 120 Computer Applications Examination, institutional-departmental examinations, the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) subject examinations, the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DSST/DANTES), or the Advanced Placement (AP) program. No grades are recorded for credit by examination.

Getting Started at Thomas University

  1. Apply for admission to Thomas University
  2. Schedule a meeting with your advisor to select your courses
  3. Submit your transcripts for transfer review

Request your Joint Service Transcript

Thomas University will accept 64 credit hours of ACE approved military training.  You can order your transcripts by accessing the following link

Official Transcripts can be sent to:

Admissions Office

Thomas University1501 Millpond Road

Thomasville, GA 31792


Marine Corps COOL


For questions and assistance please contact or call us toll free at 844-862-6978




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