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TU to hold electronics recycling day April 18

The Thomas University Sustainability Group will celebrate Earth Day by partnering with Keep Thomas County Beautiful and the City of Thomasville to hold a home electronics recycling day on April 18. Items may be placed in the recycling roll-off container, which will be located in the parking lot off Pinetree Boulevard on TU’s Forbes Campus.

“The Thomas University Sustainability Group consists of members of the Thomas University community who promote an open dialog about key environmental issues so that people can make better life choices for themselves, the environment, and future generations,” explained Karen Harvey, TU faculty member and part of the Sustainability Group. “The group is holding the home electronics recycling event to provide a venue for the campus and the surrounding community to properly dispose of obsolete and unwanted computers, monitors and other electronic devices, and to help educate the campus community and the public about why proper disposal matters.”

Items accepted for recycling include computers, mice, keyboards, printers, monitors, radio, cell phones, electronic devices, DVD players and fax machines. Hard drives must be removed and destroyed before recycling computers. No batteries or televisions will be accepted.

“According to the EPA, Americans generated 3.09 million tons of obsolete electronic products in 2015,” Harvey said. “Improper handling and disposal of these products is potentially harmful to human health and the environment because of heavy metals and other toxic materials the products contain.  Additionally, recovering the valuable metals such as gold, palladium, platinum and copper by recycling electronics reduces the need to extract more resources from the earth and helps reduce the energy used in new product manufacturing.”

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