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TU MBA student adds ‘CNN Deportes’ internship to résumé

By Joshua Barrett, Student writer

On Saturday, May 5, Alvaro Pichardo of Thomasville will be one of 406 students to graduate with degrees from Thomas University. Pichardo will receive a Master of Business Administration degree, but along the way he gained experience different from most MBA students.

Originally from Managua, Nicaragua, Pichardo previously attended Cleveland State University, where he received a bachelor’s degree in Political Science with a minor in Business. He said he chose to come to TU because his parents now live in Thomasville and because of TU’s academic focus.

“I like the fact that I am able to interact with my professors and stay after class to discuss any questions or doubts I may have,” Pichardo said. “This is very valuable to me because I am able to obtain answers to my questions. Students at bigger schools don’t have the luxury to be able to get one-on-one help from their professors because they are in a classroom with 100-plus students.”

Pauline Ray, one of Pichardo’s MBA professors, was impressed with his abilities.

“Alvaro has a very engaging personality; he’s always very friendly, outgoing and pleasant,” Ray said. “He has plenty of ability and is so engaged in life that his time management skills are often challenged. I am sure he will be very successful in his future endeavors. I have enjoyed knowing him and having him in classes.”

With an interest in journalism coupled with his experience in MBA classes, Pichardo applied for an internship with “CNN Deportes,” a Spanish language sports show that airs each day of the week throughout Latin America.

“I sent in an application for the internship position, and the director Javier Monne called me,” he said. “Within 30 minutes, he decided to hire me.”

While working at CNN Deportes Alvaro mostly wrote stories. He took two-page stories and converted them into smaller segments. Pichardo worked with several different anchors and writers, so he had to adapt to many different styles of news writing.

“I got to write interview questions for professional athletes – such as Juan Mata of Manchester United Soccer, Formula One Driver Fernando Alonso, Indy Car Driver Heliuo Castroneves, and Boxers Canelo Alvares and Julio Cesar Chavez,” Pichardo said.

While Pichardo did not appear on the show, his voice did. When CNN Deportes created promos of professional sports events in English, Pichardo translated them into Spanish. Those translations aired as voiceovers.

Pichardo said some of his best memories while working at the internship were hearing his voice for the first time on television and getting to help a CNN U.S. correspondent write a letter requesting an interview with El Chapo, the notorious drug cartel leader.

While Pichardo is still looking into what his future may hold, he knows his MBA from TU will help.


“An MBA can be helpful in just about any career because this degree gives you the flexibility to explore many career options and gives you the tools needed to advance yourself,” he said. “My critical and analytical thinking skills as well as my communication skills have improved while I’ve been enrolled at Thomas University.


“I couldn’t be happier that I chose to pursue an MBA because it got me the opportunity to intern with CNN,” he continued. “Sometimes things just happen for a reason.”

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