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TU alum succeeds with BMW in Germany

Thomas University alumnus Andreas Hoffer has used his TU business degree and his experience as a member of the Men’s Soccer Team as part of the team at the BMW Group plant in Munich Germany.

“I work in the purchasing department,” Hoffer said. “The components I am responsible for are head airbag and steering wheel. I negotiate the prices with suppliers for current and future projects. Most deals are worth more than $100 million. I source the parts from all over the world, including Mexico, the U.S., China, Europe and South Africa.”

According to its website, the BMW Group plant in Munich is the parent BMW Group plant. It employs about 7,800 people from more than 50 countries and has produced cars and engines since 1922.

Hoffer graduated Magna Cum Laude from Thomas University in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration-Management. He also received the 2014 Outstanding Student Award for the Business Administration-Management program. Hoffer was captain of the Men’s Soccer team during his junior and senior years.

“The TU soccer program helped me grow as a person,” Hoffer said. “It helped me to learn how to lead people and to take responsibilities.

From January through July of this year, Hoffer was reunited with his former Night Hawks teammate Severin Abt when Abt completed an internship with BMW. During his senior year at TU, Hoffer shared a house in Thomasville with Abt and two other TU soccer players. Abt is currently a senior at TU and will graduate in May 2017.

“I had a chance to get to know him on the soccer field, at home and in school,” Hoffer said. “We stayed in touch throughout the whole time. Once Severin finished his junior year at TU, the time was right to support him in getting some work experience, which helps a lot to prepare for the time after college. I know it, because I worked at BMW as an intern after my junior year as well.”

Abt said, “Working with Andreas was really good. He’s really good at his job. He loves it.”

Hoffer said, “BMW has half a million applications a year, but it meant something special to me to have a TU soccer teammate working with me. In the past, we fought side by side on the soccer pitch against the opponents, and now we kind of had our battles against the suppliers. He has been a great support during his time here.”

As a TU student, Hoffer’s professors taught him the lessons that he needed for his future career.

“At TU I was able to collect a wide range of business knowledge,” he said. “My former professors at TU were able to prepare me for the business world. My courses in leadership, money and banking, and business strategy were worth a mint for the work life.”

One professor made a lasting impression.

“However, I always remember a small anecdote,” Hoffer said. “The funny thing is that it happened in my English class. On the first day of class, Professor Jim Hodges introduced himself and explained clearly that if we handed in any single assignment late, we wouldn’t be eligible for extra credit, and we would also receive a 0 for the assignment. Looking in Professor Hodges’ face, I knew that no excuses would count. Believe it or not, since that day I have never been late with any assignment at TU or at BMW!”

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