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Thomas University named a chapter member of the national SALUTE Honor Society

Recently, Thomas University became a chapter member of the national SALUTE honor society through efforts of the university’s TRiO Student Support Services program. Establishment of this veterans' honor society was funded by the ACE/Wal-Mart Success for Veterans Grant, awarded to Colorado State University in 2009.  SALUTE is the first national honor society established for student veterans and military in 2-year and 4-year institutions of higher education. The premier academic honor society stands for Service, Academics, Leadership, Unity, Tribute, and Excellence. Some of the terms synonymous with SALUTE are to acknowledge, congratulate, hail, pay homage, pay respects, pay tribute, present arms, and recognize. These are the types of things TU and SALUTE hope to do for members who have shown courage, strength, leadership, excellence, and perseverance in their military endeavors and now are showing that same commitment to their academic careers. 

One unique element of the honor society includes the 4 tier system which is designed to encourage student veterans to strive to improve their GPAs and advance to higher tier levels in the honor society during their academic careers. To be considered for membership in SALUTE, undergraduate students  must be currently enrolled at TU; qualify as a military/veteran student under locally-derived and maintained definitions; earn a cumulative grade point average that falls within one of four tiers, including  Alpha (3.75-4.00), Bravo (3.50 – 3.74), Charlie (3.25 – 3.49), or Delta (3.00 – 3.24); have served or currently be serving in the military, National Guard, or reserves; and maintain the highest ethical standards. For graduate students to be considered for membership in SALUTE, they must be classified as SALUTE Gold members with 12 semester hours of graduate work or the equivalent completed, and they must maintain a minimum of a 3.5 cumulative grade point average.  There are no tier levels for graduate students.

Thomas University students who are inducted into membership in SALUTE represent every slice of American military and veterans in higher education. Members may include retirees, disabled veterans, active duty military, National Guard and reservists returning to higher education, starting second careers, or helping fund their college careers with military service. Each student selected for recognition through membership in SALUTE will receive a military style challenge coin and a membership certificate. Also, any SALUTE member who participates in a TU commencement ceremony will be distinguished as a SALUTE member by wearing SALUTE regalia. The first annual induction ceremony for this national honor society will be held at TU every spring near commencement.

Applicants must submit a DD-214 Member 4 copy that displays the character of service (honorable discharge).  For applicants currently serving on active duty or in the Guard or Reserves, a copy of orders for their current duty assignment must be submitted. According to Faye Johnson, Director of Student Support Services, “SALUTE offers an additional way for TU to celebrate our military veterans, in particular, for their exemplary service to the nation and for their academic achievements while pursuing a postsecondary degree.”  The TRiO SSS advisor for SALUTE is Mrs. Jennifer Lindquist.

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