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Online Teaching Proficiency Instruction and Assessment

Thomas University values rigorous and engaging learning environments regardless of delivery model. The following Online Teaching Proficiency Instruction and Assessment will provide tips for effective course design that align with TU’s mission. All faculty (full-time and adjunct) who teach online or hybrid for Thomas University are required to complete the INSTRUCTION and ASSESSMENT below.

Click on each link for narrated instructions. A passing grade of 90% or above is required on the Online Teaching Proficiency Assessment below (VI). You may take the assessment as many times as you would like. The ASSESSMENT submits directly to the Academic Technology Specialist who will generate a Certificate of Completion for you. The certificate should be completed prior to teaching online or hybrid.

I. Introduction to Blackboard  
II. Introduction to Collaborate  
III. Organization of a Course Shell
IV. How To’s
      a.  Post an Announcement
      b.  Post Your Part 1 Syllabus
      c.  Content
               i.  Organize by Week or Module

                         1. Instruction
                                  a. Post a PowerPoint 
                                  b. Post a Recorded Power Point using Impatica 
                                  c. Placing a Camtasia Recording in Blackboard
                                  d. Post Videos

                          2. Assignments

                                 a. Create an Assignment
                                 b. Create a Rubric / Attach a Rubric  
                                 c. Grade an Assignment
                                 d. Create Groups
     d. Discussion Board
                              i.  Create and Post a Discussion 
                             ii.  Create/Attach a Discussion Board Rubric 
                             iii.  Grade a Discussion 
     e. Tests/Quizzes
                            i.  Create a Test 
     f. Gradebook
     g. Import/Export Courses
V.  Best Practices
VI. Online Teaching Proficiency Assessment

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