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Academic Technology Training Schedule

Faculty can receive online and hybrid course instructional design support, multimedia support, and academic technology training (including Blackboard, SoftChalk, video, and Blackboard Collaborate). 

Please email Eric Jackson, the Director of Dynamic Learning Environments, for further assistance.


How to Create a Rubric in Blackboard

How to Create a Test in Blackboard

How to Grade Assignments in Blackboard

Matching a Rubric to an Assignment in Blackboard

Tips for Offering a Secure Online Exam

Turnitin Instructions for Blackboard

Turnitin Instructions for iPad

Using a Rubric to Evaluate Student Assignments in Blackboard

Beginning/End of Semester

Copying Courses & Course Materials 

How to Archive a Course in Blackboard

How to Export Blackboard Courses Using Common Cartridge

How to Export and Import Classes from Blackboard

Importing Course Packages into Blackboard

Opening and Closing Courses in Blackboard

Setting Announcements Page as Entry Point for Students

Grade Center

Adding My Grades in a Blackboard Course

Clearing Assignments and Tests in Blackboard

Creating Categories

Duplicate Columns in Blackboard Gradebook

Editing Categories for Assignments in Blackboard

The Grade Center

Hidden Grade Columns in Blackboard

How to Edit a Student Grade in Blackboard

Total Points Column

Weighted Grade Column


Accessing Blackboard Collaborate Recordings in Blackboard

Adaptive Release

Adding Impatica Files to Blackboard

Best Practices and How to Create a Blog in Blackboard

Blackboard 9.1

Blackboard and Blackboard Collaborate Self-Check Quiz

Copying & Pasting Text from Microsoft Word Documents into Blackboard

The Course Content

The Course Environment

Creating Assignments

Creating Groups

Creating a Test

Emailing Blackboard Collaborate Session Links to Students from Blackboard

Grouping Courses by Semester

How to Create a Blackboard Collaborate Session in Blackboard

Placing Blackboard Collaborate Recordings in Blackboard

Video Everywhere


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