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The TU Experience 

“What stands out about the TU experience is the level of involvement the faculty offers the student. It is not unusual for students to have the professors’ personal cell phone numbers. I felt I could always get answers to my questions or concerns.”   

2008 Masters Graduate in Rehabilitation Therapy

As a small community-based college in South Georgia, Thomas University (TU) offers students the opportunity to seek intellectual pursuits in a supportive, personalized environment.  With a faculty to student ratio of 10:1,  the learning process is highly interactive. Students are challenged by faculty and a rigorous intellectual pursuit.

Our faculty members are valued for their professional excellence and expertise both in teaching and in their disciplines. All TU faculty strive for teaching excellence, scholarly and professional achievement and service to the study body, university and wider community.

While largely a commuter campus, TU offers students the opportunity to connect with campus life and with the community at large. Campus activities embrace the city of Thomasville and Thomas County.

Thomas University’s campus extends to satellite programs at hospitals in Tallahassee, Florida and Moultrie, Georgia as well as to Tallahassee Community College. In addition, many students complete a degree through one of TU’s online programs.

Many of our students bring the community to us.  Our student body includes local professionals returning to college to further their careers. They often bring real world applications to the academic exchange.

Our students are ethnically diverse, regional and international, members of our community’s workforce at all levels who choose to pursue educational goals. 


We would love to hear your personal story of transformation as a student at TU. Students like you inspire us with your stories of overcoming obstacles, making important life and educational discoveries and achieving high educational goals—often while working and raising a family!

Tell us about a professor, an advisor, a fellow student, or an experience in a course or activity that created an AHA! moment in your life. We hope by sharing your story other students will be inspired and encouraged to continue on their journey towards success at TU.

If your story is chosen to share, you will receive a gift certificate to the Hawk’s Nest for lunch on us and your story will appear on our website. If you choose to remain anonymous, there is a button on the submission form to indicate this.

Send us your story today!

TU is a  private university committed to students’ personal and professional transformation.

Education that Engages... Empowers... TRANSFORMS

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