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A TU Snapshot

Diversity Statement

At Thomas University, we believe that an environment that fosters respect for the diversity among our faculty, students, and staff strengthens the institution, stimulates creativity, promotes the open exchange of new ideas, and enriches campus and community life. Actions that serve to intimidate others or discriminate against individuals or groups are in conflict with Thomas University’s educational mission to maintain and enhance an intellectual, social, and work environment free from intolerance and discrimination. In addition to and including all applicable state and federal laws prohibiting discrimination, Thomas University is committed to creating an educational environment that promotes academic excellence where diversity is valued and individuals are treated with respect, regardless of race, gender, age, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, or disability. 

Faculty Profile

TU faculty chose to teach at Thomas University because of their commitment to teaching and scholarship in the student-centered environment of a small private university.

TU employs 50 full-time faculty with 5 additional administrative/staff members holding faculty rank. Of those, 30 hold a doctorate or the terminal degree in their field.

Thomas University also employs approximately 60 current adjunct faculty, who hold a doctorate or specialized degree or Certification/Licensure such as Education Specialist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and Certified Rehabilitation Counselor.

Thomas Univeristy's Professor of the Year

2014-2015 Professor of the Year, Dr. Bonnie Woodberry

2014 - 2015
Dr. Bonnie Woodberry, Professor of Humanities and Interdisciplinary Studies

2013 - 2014 Professor Shannon Woods, Assistant Professor of Nursing

2012 - 2013 Professor April Penton, Assistant Professor of Early Childhood Education

2011 - 2012 Professor Bill Milford, Assistant Professor of Social Work

2010 - 2011 Dr. Kim Cribb, Associate Professor of Nursing

2009 - 2010 Dr. Bei Zhang, Associate Professor of Biology

2008 - 2009 Dr. Karl Barton, Associate Professor of Music 


Student profile Fall 2014

Total enrollment: 1,138

68% in-state, 29% out-of-state, 3% international

Undergraduate students  
Total undergraduate enrollment: 870
Student/faculty ratio: 10:1
Average class size: 12

Average Age of Degree or Certificate Seeking Students (Only):
Undergraduate: 28
Graduates: 37

Graduate students: 
Total graduate enrollment: 268

Percentage of full-time fully online students: 33%

Percentage of residential students: 18%

Percentage of commuter students:  82%

Percentage of male and female students:  Male – 38%  Female – 62%

Percent of all students by race/ethnicity:
Asian: 1%
Black or African American: 25%
Hispanic/Latino: 4%
American Indian/Alaskan Native/Hawaiian Native: 1%
White: 43%
Nonresident Alien: 4%
Race and Ethnicity Unreported: 22%

Education that Engages... Empowers... TRANSFORMS

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